Global Temperature Control and Analysis

For Transport, Storage and Handling

Temperature monitoring in logistics

What range of temperatures was the shipment exposed to during transport? Were the specified temperature limits of the transported freight exceeded? Can the goods be released or is the quality affected?

These are important questions which arise in the context of cold chain monitoring and the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines. Targeted, reliable, uninterrupted temperature monitoring and recording is therefore essential for comprehensive quality assurance in logistics.

The transport of temperature-sensitive goods poses a particular challenge for everyone involved, especially when multiple companies are involved in transhipment processes or various transportation methods are used.

The Berlinger solution
Whether for dry-ice shipments or other deliveries of temperature-sensitive goods, we can provide comprehensive solutions to match your requirements (hardware and software; Thanks to our innovative and web-based Cold Chain Control Center Berlinger SmartView. Our solutions provide clarity, transparency, documentation and safety for all deliveries of your most complex and sensitive products — easily and safely.

Meeting our customers’ needs is our top priority at Berlinger. We provide economical solutions which meet all the required standards.

The SmartLine wireless network
SmartPoints are wireless data loggers that provide fully automated data collection of temperature or dual temperature and humidity conditions, eliminating manual activities and significantly improving process efficiency. SmartPoints automatically indicate when thresholds are about to be exceeded, enabling pro-active intervention.

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