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The First Fully Integrated Clinical Trial Temperature Monitoring Solution

Problem Statement

«As a clinical trial sponsor I want to have drug kits put into a quarantine state as soon as temperature deviations are exceeding defined product stability rules.»

The Berlinger Solution

Thanks to Berlinger SmartView, the first available integration between depot distribution vendor, IRT and facilities to automate the temperature stability validation process for temperature-controlled drugs is made possible.

The collected temperature data can be analyzed easily and in depth for significant workflow improvements. The key benefits:

  • Process efficiency for excursion management
    Turn a 25-day excursion data evaluation into a same-day automated process.
  • Seamless integration
    Take advantage of the Berlinger SmartView API and automate the temperature stability validation process for your temperature-controlled drugs.
  • Quality improvement
    Get notified as soon as temperature deviations are exceeding product stability rules with the fully validatable Berlinger SmartView Solution.

Module Overview

Key Benefits

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Berlinger Hardware Solution for Clinical Trials

For Shipments:

Create your data logger for each clinical trial

These devices log temperature measurements during transportation and provide the information/data after the shipment has arrived at its destination.

Key deliverables:

  • Up to 38,000 measure points
  • Durable
  • Generates PDF graph and ASCII file
    (no software needed)
  • Easy to read out with √ and Χ

Simplify your process
Customize your data logger with a different label color for more safety (e.g. blue label for the use of 2°C to 8°C).

  • 8 available label colors
  • Possibility to add your logo
  • Possibility to add an ID number (e.g. clinical trial number) on your logger

For Sites:

Berlinger Fridge-tag for intelligent temperature monitoring

Berlinger’s Fridge-tag series provides an effective solution for temperature monitoring for fridges.

Key deliverables:

  • Alarms and 30-day history visible on the display
  • SMS warnings prevent the wastage of pharmaceuticals
  • Automatically informed about excursions