Precise Monitoring Systems

For Comprehensive Cold Chain Monitoring

Temperature monitoring at vaccination campaigns

Successful vaccine campaigns require vaccines to be kept within the specified temperature range (e.g. +2 °C to +8 °C) throughout the supply chain right up to the point of administration. This is the only way to ensure the unimpaired quality and effectiveness of the vaccines.

We, at Berlinger, are fully aware of this and have thus been developing reliable temperature monitoring devices for over 30 years. Our expertise helps to make the cold chain more secure through targeted monitoring.

The Berlinger solution
We can proudly look back on the development of the first electronic temperature indicators, Q-tag 2 plus and Freeze-tag, which have been used for temperature monitoring since 1999 at international vaccination campaigns.

The world, and not least technology, have changed significantly since that time. Berlinger is constantly striving to develop products which incorporate the latest technologies. Our products are characterised by extremely simple operation combined with reliable and safe performance. After all, user-friendly products result in safer processes.

Berlinger hardware for facility monitoring
The Fridge-tag measures and registers the ambient temperature up to 3 years.

Berlinger SmartView
Berlinger SmartView is a web platform for cold chain optimization that has proven to bring significant improvements in customer service, quality and process efficiency.

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