Temperature Monitoring

Exceptionally Precise Monitoring Systems

Reliable, end-to-end temperature monitoring systems are essential when transporting temperature-sensitive goods, particularly when a number of different companies are involved. Our temperature monitoring systems provide the highest level of security for the management of quality. These systems will give you concrete answers to questions such as: What temperature was the consignment exposed to during transportation? Were the temperature limits breached while the goods were being loaded? How long were the goods stored at temperatures falling below or above the optimal temperature for the goods? Berlinger's elegant software solutions allow our customers to integrate relevant results into their ERP. They can also use our data management system with its innovative SMS alarm system via an integrated GSM module, as well as clearly laid out reporting and statistical monitoring functions. Let the data drive actions in the organisation and improve workflow and process structures.

Our worldwide segments

Temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals
Continuous monitoring of the cold chain is essential to ensure flawless quality of medicines, vaccines and other active ingredients. The provisions governing this are contained in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) regulations.

Temperature monitoring during clinical trials
Clinical trials are becoming ever more complex; they are carried out all around the world with the involvement of diverse organisations and partners. It is therefore extremely important that all the prerequisites and requirements for the transportation of study samples are both complied with and documented.

Temperature monitoring at vaccination campaigns
Successful vaccine campaigns require vaccines to be kept within the specified temperature range (e.g. +2 °C to +8 °C) throughout the supply chain right up to the point of administration. This is the only way to ensure the unimpaired quality and effectiveness of the vaccines.

Temperature monitoring in logistics
What range of temperatures was the shipment exposed to during transport? Were the specified temperature limits of the transported freight exceeded? Can the goods be released or is the quality affected? These are important questions which arise in the context of cold chain monitoring and the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines. 

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