Q-tag 2 plus

Q-tag 2 plus

Shipping temperature indicator

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OK/ALARM for immediate decisions

Immediate decision-making

Detailed time and temperature for each ALARM event


5 alarm limits between –25°C and +50°C

Technical Data

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Product Data

External Dimensions :
59 x 57 x 12 mm
Display Dimensions :
24 x 19 mm
Weights :
30 g
Storage Conditions :
0°C to +30°C / +32°F to +86°F
Operation Temperatures :
–30°C to +55°C / –22°F to +131°F
Alarm Temperature Ranges :
–25°C to +50°C, in 0.1°C increments / –13°F to +122°F
Accuracy Temperature Measurements :
+/- 0.5°C typically (–30°C to +55°C) | +/- 0.9°F typically (–22°F to +131°F)
Batteries :
Up to 2 years
Protection Classes :
Q-tag 2 plus


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Q-tag 2 plus
Q-tag 2 plus

How to use

A technical instructional video on how to use Q-tag 2 plus for temperature monitoring in shipments.

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