Fridge-tag 3

Fridge-tag 3

Refrigerator remote temperature monitoring

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The remote solution for the continuous monitoring of sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals


Real-time alert with notification by SMS and email

Typical application area

Remote monitoring of refrigerators


WHO PQS prequalified E006/041

Product configuration

Configure your Fridge-tag 3

The Fridge-tag 3 is available with a yellow label.

With more than 30 years of experience in temperature monitoring we can use our expertise to help you to configure your Fridge-tag 3. 

Fridge-tag 3
Technical Data

Tech Facts

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Product Data

External Dimensions :
136 x 98 x 21 mm
Display Dimensions :
95 x 27 mm
Weights :
170 g
Storage Conditions :
0°C to +30°C / +32°F to +86°F
Operation Temperatures :
–40°C to +60°C / –40°F to +140°F
Display Visible :
–10°C to +55°C / +14°F to +131°F
Alarm Temperature Ranges :
–35°C to +55°C, in 0.1°C increments / –31°F to +131°F
Accuracy Temperature Measurements :
+/- 0.8°C from –40°C to –30°C | +/- 1.44°F from –40°F to –22°F
+/- 0.5°C from –30°C to +40°C | +/- 0.9°F from –22°F to +104°F
+/- 0.8°C from +40°C to +60°C | +/- 1.44°F from +104°F to +140°F
Alarm Limits :
2 individually programmable alarm and warning limits (1 upper and 1 lower alarm/warning limit)
Logging Intervals :
15 min (standard)
Alarm Trigger Times :
1 min to 23 h 59 min
Measurement Accuracies :
Daily time updates (depending on network operator) - if not supported +/- 30 min / year
Calibrations :
Calibration traceable to ILAC recognised international standard (e.g. SAS, NIST) upon request
Memory Spaces :
30 day overview on display; PDF report length factory settable: 28, 56 day overview
Batteries :
Rechargeable battery / at least 3 years useful life / min. 72 hours power back up. The battery status indicator on the display provides information on the remaining battery charge
Protection Classes :
IP50 (external sensor connected)
Operating Lifetimes :
n/a (USB powered device)
Warranties :
2 years from date of delivery (see general Berlinger Terms & Conditions)
Manipulations :
Fridge-tag 3 cannot be manipulated or reset without destroying it
Format Documents :
PDF / ASCII (it can also be imported by many ERP or data management systems)
Standards :
ROHS compliant
Fridge-tag 3


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Fridge-tag 3
Technical Specification
Fridge-tag 3
Fridge-tag 3

Fridge-tag 3 Accessories

We offer you the following products and services for your Fridge-tag 3



Software for Data Management

Berlinger offers a fully integrated temperature monitoring solution based on Berlinger’s Q-tag and Fridge-tag devices in combination with the Berlinger SmartView platform with its different business logic modules, its Application-Programming-Interface (API), to integrate with other systems.

Product benefits

  • Between your Software environment and SmartView
  • Easy and at highest quality standards
Simple and secure

Software for Data Verification

Berlinger offers solutions that increase security or simplify processes. 

Product benefits

  • Secure data
  • Authenticity of generated data
  • Easy to use


Increase and secure your quality with regular, high-precision calibration of your temperature monitoring devices. We are proud that we successfully accomplished the accreditation process and are running our own calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025. 

Product benefits

  • SAS calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025
  • Calibration or recalibration from -40°C to +80°C

Fridge-tag 3

Notification by SMS and email
Thanks to a programmable built-in cellular module, it enables operators all around the world to receive automatically generated real-time alerting or warning messages by SMS and/or email. Additionally, it can be easily integrated into a web-based server application.

SMS warnings prevent damage of the goods
In case of a temperature deviation, the Fridge-tag 3 immediately sends a notification by SMS to the predefined person(s) in charge. A fully comprehensive emergency plan can now be activated in order to prevent damage of the goods.

Alarms and 30-day history visible on the display
As long as the temperature is within the permitted range, the OK sign is shown on the display. If the indicator is exposed to an out-of-range temperature the ALARM sign appears on the display. The device shows the actual temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, all alarm violations over the previous 30 days (on a rolling basis), the daily minimum and maximum temperature of the last 30 days and the time duration of any violation.

Set up

How to use

DrCool explains step by step, how to set up a Fridge-tag 3 device.

  • State of delivery
  • Enter the SIM card pin code
  • Placing the external sensor
  • Install the Fridge-tag 3
  • Activation process
  • Setting Calender format, date, time
  • SMS functions
  • Connection error
  • Mistakes / change settings

The Berlinger Team is here to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. We will be pleased to advise you.

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