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Connecting Your Fridge-tag with the Varo App

The Fridge-tag 2, Fridge-tag 2 E, Fridge-tag 2 L and Fridge-tag Ultra Low have been validated by the makers of the Varo app, to be compatible with the free Varo mobile application, which reads out data from the Fridge-tag loggers and sends it via email to user-defined recipients in a format that can be easily aggregated using a separate free application called Pogo LT.

The Varo and Pogo LT apps are free. They are developed and maintained by a third party, not affiliated with Berlinger. However, we consider both apps a complementary value-add to our Fridge-tags that come free of procurement or subscription fees.

Berlinger Fridge-tags are the first temperature monitoring devices validated for the Varo app.

The app to easily transport cold chain temperature data

Several health systems have successfully implemented a free Varo reporting system. In Kenya the National EPI program used the Varo app as part of an inventory exercise to capture reports from thousands of CCE units. Varo is now being used for recurring data collection in a number of Kenyan counties. 

Varo is a simple and free smartphone app that collects and forwards useful cold chain information to the inbox of your choice. 

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The app to easily transport cold chain temperature data


Varo works to make your job easier

The Varo app allows you to easily share the details and create a big picture overview. It enhances the power of the Fridge-tag with the ease of a mobile phone app.

It's a simple, effective, free and private tool to make vital information more accessible and useful. 

There’s no system to purchase or install - anyone with a mobile phone can use the Varo today.
The developers of Varo do not receive the reports or any other data from the application.

First Varo Compatible device: the power of Berlinger Fridge-tags is further enhanced by the Varo app

Fridge-tags are used around the world to safeguard life-saving vaccines by monitoring the temperature of the refrigerator. Beyond this primary function of quality control, the Fridge-tag also provides a wealth of data about the performance of the cold chain. This enables the users and their supervisors to make data-driven decisions for stock management, performance or maintenance purposes. Staff in health care facilities can now continue to focus on providing essential health care, while the data of the cold chain can easily be used to its full potential.

By using the free Varo app the Fridge-tag temperature data, GPS location, CCE photos and facility address can easily be read out and shared. The following Fridge-tags are verified to be compatible with the free Varo and Pogo LT application:

Hendrik Harbers, Berlinger’s director for Global Health

The Fridge-tag with the Varo app

This compatibility enables the health staff to continue to focus on providing care, as minimal time and efforts are needed to extract the temperature data from the Fridge-tag. Reading out the data and sending it onwards can be done completely for free which makes the Varo app a value-add complement to any Fridge-tag in every possible operating environment.

The data of all Fridge-tags in a certain geographical area can be easily aggregated, consolidated, and analyzed in the free Pogo LT app. This app groups the various reports to create a single temperature performance summary. Developed by the makers of the Varo app, the Pogo LT ensures that an easy and informative dashboard overview is generated.

The Fridge-tags can monitor all common temperature ranges like refrigerating (cool +2C to +8C), freezing (-25C to -18C) and ultra cold (below -70C). The Varo and Pogo LT apps support these temperature ranges as well.

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