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Q-tags and Fridge-tags compatible with Open mSupply LMIS

The temperature monitoring devices Q-tags and Fridge-tags are ‘validated compatible’ with Open mSupply LMIS.

Users of Berlingers Q-tags and Fridge-tags now have the assurance that the temperature data is compatible for use with Open mSupply LMIS solutions.
The validated compatibility applies to devices that are already in use as well as newly purchased devises.
The compatibility allows all temperature data to be directly transferred to Open mSupply LMIS, with guaranteed data quality and integrity. This assurance comes at no additional costs or efforts for the users.

Open mSupply Compatible Berlinger devices

The following Berlinger devices have been confirmed to be compatible with open mSupply:

  • Q-tag CLm doc (PQS E006/016)
  • Q-tag CLm doc L (PQS E006/030)
  • Q-tag CLm doc D (PQS E006/088)
  • Q-tag CLm doc Ice (PQS E006/089)
  • Q-tag CLm doc Ice R (PQS E006/090)
  • Q-tag CLm doc LR
  • Fridge-tag 2 (PQS E006/020)
  •  Fridge-tag 2E (PQS E006/040)
  • Fridge-tag 2L (PQS E006/093)
  • Fridge-tag Ultra Low
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About Berlinger and mSupply

Berlinger is the company behind the yellow Fridge-tags and Q-tags loggers – specialized temperature monitoring solutions for storage- and shipment monitoring, used in more than 175 countries across the world.

mSupply integrates with multiple cold chain equipment monitoring solutions. Certified compatible products are marked with the mSupply Compatible logo on them. This gives the user the peace of mind that they are buying a reliable, WHO PQS prequalified product that has been tested to work well with mSupply.

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