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Rimba Raya

Berlinger’s climate action

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Berlinger’s climate action for SmartMonitor is to support the Rimba Raya forest conservation project in Borneo, Indonesia. This project investment aligns with our corporate values and has a quantifiable, traceable impact.

Against this political and scientific background, the understanding that climate action is an essential component of competitive sustainability has grown at an extraordinary rate. Partnering with South Pole on this Sustainability journey, we realised how the eagerness to announce ambitious climate targets around climate neutrality and net zero, requires setting interim, science-based emissions targets. Only with true science-based climate action we are on the right track: i.e., climate action that follows the polluter-pays principle and that recognises that the world only has one carbon budget.

The Rimba Raya helps us with our choice of climate action of planting trees and sustainable forest management practices, protecting habitats for wildlife and providing local jobs and furthering socio-economic benefits for the local communities.

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Indonesia helps preserve Borneo’s richly biodiverse tropical peat swamp forests. The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by protecting 47,000 hectares of tropical peat swamp forest from deforestation for palm oil production. Located in Borneo’s southern coast in Indonesia, the project also protects ecosystem biodiversity and conserves habitat for endangered species, such as the orangutan, while fostering sustainable development amongst local communities.

For us at Berlinger the mantra is not just being a part of the solution rather than the problem, it is also to be able to future-proof our business - one with our product innovation and two by financing a climate action for the unavoidable emissions.

We truly believe that climate neutrality with South Pole is a significant step forward on our Climate Journey. This also makes Berlinger’s SmartMonitor, our modular real-time product the very first carbon neutral temperature monitoring solution in the industry. As much as we enjoy the first mover’s advantage on the topic of Sustainability, we are delighted to be an organisation that is aware and conscious and has committed to a project where the climate action will help our connected world.

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