Relief work in times of the pandemic

Relief work in times of the pandemic

Salaam Balaak Trust

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Also in 2021, we are committed to the Salaam Baalak organization in India and would like to continue to support the work also on behalf of our customers. The job that the organization does every day is more important than ever and an immense challenge in the pandemic year of 2021.

The country suffered from the lockdown, but Salaam Baalak was able to continue its activities thanks to its highly dedicated staff. The three emergency shelters that have been set up for the girls and boys who live without a permanent roof over their heads will continue to operate even in these extreme times - a real achievement!

Since the pandemic, school lessons have been conducted virtually. For this purpose, additional PCs and tablets could be procured and the children could be equipped for attending the online school.

The subjects of nutrition and health have increasingly moved into the focus of the work in order to ensure that the children‘s immune systems are prepared for infections. The children were also made aware of preventive measures such as hand washing as well as the use of face masks and disinfectants. As part of Salaam Baalak‘s COVID aid program, monthly food rations and hygiene kits for one year were ditributed to 230 shelter children and 250 children from the Day Care Centre and the families of their beneficiaries.

Extracurricular activities such as art and painting classes, martial arts, dance, English conversation and computer classes are increasingly promoted. One of the students even took part in a JUDO competition at national level.

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