Optimised warehouse operations

Ensure product quality and regulatory compliance

Companies involved in the storage of temperature-sensitive products need to ensure that correct temperature or other conditions are maintained at all times. Regulations provide strict guidelines for continuous temperature monitoring, reliable alerting and documentation of historical temperature records (traceability). 

Optimising warehouse operations

Warehouse managers are always looking for cost-efficient ways to optimise their operations. Particularly important are the reduction of picking errors, on-site safety and security and asset utilization.

Our easy to install SmartLine wireless network provides the wireless communication backbone for continuous monitoring. This network communicates with battery operated wireless sensors (SmartPoint) that will be placed in storage facilities or attached to the cargo. These sensors contain a temperature and / or humidity sensor, but also function as wireless data logger. The sensors can be calibrated and configured to provide measurements at user-defined intervals.

Berlinger provides active RFID solutions that help warehouse managers to improve the quality and efficiency of their processes.

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers that need to monitor the storage facilities of temperature-sensitive raw materials and finished goods
  • Logistics service providers and freight forwarders that are responsible for the global distribution and storage of temperature-sensitive products
  • Airlines and ground handlers that want to address the growing market for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments and comply with IATA's PCR Chapter 17 requirements
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors that maintain pharmaceutical warehouses with temperature-controlled storage areas
  • Hospitals and pharmacies that store temperature-sensitive products in their facilities and are looking for a more efficient solution to comply with cold chain regulations

Business benefits

  • Real-time monitoring information, such as temperature, humidity, open / close sensors for doors
  • Increase the security of your goods by providing an alarm at unexpected events (e.g power loss)
  • Ensure the product integrity through pro-active intervention and reduce the claims
  • Collect, access, filter, analyze and share your data 24/7 with Berlinger SmartView
  • Train and educate your staff globally using our SmartView E-learning platform