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Data overload?

Thousands of temperature-sensitive shipments are sent around the world every day. In addition to the enormously high logistical demands on such delicate transports, the flood of data must also be processed and analysed. Since this workload is constantly increasing in line with ever-tightening regulations, automatic data processing is becoming ever more important and indispensable.

It should be possible to save, analyse and access complete data for shipments, including the customer, packaging and temperature profile, in a single location. People with the necessary authorization should be able to access this data from anywhere in order to analyse it whenever necessary.

The Berlinger solution

Thanks to Berlinger SmartView, the collected temperature data from Berlinger Q-tag-, wireless- or GPRS data loggers can be analysed easily and in-depth for significant workflow improvements!

  • Enjoy easy reporting and analysis tools contained within the Berlinger SmartView reports module. Spend less time due to integrated data and world wide access 24/7, automated e-mail-/SMS notifications.
  • Improve regulatory compliance and enhance Good Distribution Practices (GDP) with a system that allows you to manage excursion acknowledgements and causes in a 21 CFR Part 11 database. Reduce time addressing excursion events when they occur and chasing down documents during audits.
  • Improve process efficiency by tracking data loggers and their expiry dates. Experience instant access to calibration reports.
  • Reduce IT time associated with validating and installing software or updates. Avoid common problems with ERP and operating systems due to a 100% online software based on the SaaS model.

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