Drug- and Doping Control

Solutions for workplace tests and forensic

Tamper-proof storage of evidence samples

Do you want to provide significant evidence samples? How can you avoid subsequent legal challenges? In order to perform a trust worthy and transparent sample evidence, the proper collection and the security of evidence samples must be given a maximum priority.

Tamper free transportation and secure storage of blood, urine, saliva, nail/hair samples or and other forensic evidence can expose the police, border guards, forensic medicine, schools and businesses with additional and highly sensitive challenges.

The Berlinger solution

Berlinger Special AG provides certified security containers that offer testers and test candidates a secure, reliable and transparency in work.

The products are characterised by simple operation and a patented security closure. We would be happy to provide you with individual advice regarding the practical benefits of our KITs.

“The reliance on our systems throughout the world confirms to us that we have developed secure and simple solutions that also comply with the widest possible range of security requirements.”

We will be pleased to advise you.

Thomas Allenspach

Thomas Allenspach

Vice President Sales

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