Solutions for Laboratories

Opening Tools and Accessories

Simple and safe opening tools

Is the sample properly sealed? Is it possible to clearly identify the urine or blood sample? These questions should be addressed first of all during the initial inspection upon receipt of every sample at the laboratory.

The Berlinger solution

Security containers and closure systems from Berlinger Special AG offer absolute security both for the test candidates and for the laboratory performing the analysis.

The non-interchangeable and unique identification number, the transparent containers and the highly secure but still simple sealing mechanism distinguish our products. They are ideally suited for quick and reliable inspection upon receipt.

Depending on requirements and the number of samples to be opened, we offer either manual or automatic opening tools, suitable for:

•    BEREG-Kit
•    Berlinger Lausanne Kit

The Berlinger Kits can also be centrifuged.

Do you need assistance for a more precise breakdown of what we offer? Do not hesitate to get in contact with us.