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Secure sealing of urine and blood samples

Urine and blood samples from athletes represent a valuable cargo after being collected. However, the complicated and sometimes long transportation routes can pose many risks.

A sample must always reach a WADA-accredited laboratory via the safest and quickest transportation route. Tampering and other outside influences (such as temperature fluctuations) must be ruled out so that the risk of a challenge of the sample results is eliminated.

The Berlinger solution

Our products are in regular use at national and international sporting events. Independent global doping control bodies and associations value our certified security containers and accessories due to their simple operation and maximum security.

If specifically required, we can customise all security containers with the organisation’s or association’s logo and can assist with putting together a tailor made KIT.

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Security for doping controls
The BEREG-KIT launched in 1994, was designed specifically for the transportation of urine samples.

The further developed BEREG-Kit guarantees complete security from sample collection right through to analysis in the laboratory. Thanks to its unique security closure, the content is reliably protected from tampering immediately after the Kit is sealed. The bottles are either destroyed or retain visible traces of tampering if any unauthorised attempt is made to open them.

In 2006, the BEREG-KIT small Blood Sample Container was introduced in accordance with the same security features.

Put your trust in a system tried and tested worldwide

  • One Kit – one number - on A and B sample bottle, security cap and packaging
  • All outer packaging is pre-sealed with a tear-off foil strip / security sticker
  • Each bottle / container is pre-sealed with secure shrink wrapping
  • Easy handling from opening of the pre-seal through to sealing of the sample
  • Once the security cap is sealed, it can only be opened again with a special tool. The opening procedure separates the cap into two parts and it cannot be reused.
  • Complies with IATA DGR


The complete system for maximum security
We can provide you with specific accessories for sample collection, transportation and opening the KITs in the laboratory. We would be pleased to put together a tailor made package for you.


Solutions for animal sports
In the field of animal sport, Berlinger Special AG offers effective and tamper-evident security containers as well as control systems for racing associations, breeders and event organisations.


The Berlinger Team is here to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. We will be pleased to advise you. Get in touch with us.