Certificates and Product Approvals

Trust in Proven Products

We declare that the following products are in conformity with the WADA ISTI (03-2019, Chapter 6.0) provisions of directives

  • BEREG-Kit Urine Sample Container
  • BEREG-KIT small Blood Sample Container


Our Commitment to Quality

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management system

ISO 9000 is one of the most prevalent ISO standards. The requirements contained in ISO 9001 for the control of design and development processes go beyond the production, installation and maintenance requirements of the less rigorous and older ISO 9002 standard which is used by many technology providers.

By achieving the most comprehensive registration possible, Berlinger Special AG exceeds the expectations of customers and demonstrates its commitment to continuously improving the quality of its solutions.

ISO 9001 certificate

ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management system

Treating the environment and resources with respect has always been an important concern for our company. The next step was to incorporate this attitude into an environmental management system (EMS) and to develop it in a structured manner. In April 2013, the EMS was integrated into our existing QM system after its successful certification in accordance with ISO 14001.

Consideration for the environmental plays an important role right from the development phase of our products. In this way we can do justice to our goal of sustainable production.

ISO 14001 certificate

What ISO means for you

  • Receiving services from a company which is committed to quality and the environment
  • Customized products and services that meet your unique commercial interests 
  • Uniformity of products and services
  • Compliance with internationally recognised quality standards