For Transportation and Laboratories

The requirements for a smooth and secure doping sample collection vary and for that different solution for Berlinger’s equipment options for transportation and analysis in laboratories are available. This enables organisations, associations, event organisers, breeders or laboratories to plan and set up their own customised testing processes.

Security Transport Bags

The reusable security transport bags are used to pack the BEREG-Kit and Berlinger Lausanne-Kit securely during its transport from the collection site to the laboratory.

Cooling Boxes

These boxes are used to transport the BEREG-Kits and Berlinger Lausanne Kits in a temperature controlled state from the collection site to the laboratory.

Temperature Control Devices

Our reliable and precise temperature monitoring equipment is the perfect solution to monitor and register the temperature of samples during the entire transport and storage.


Opening Tools

The only way to open the BEREG-Kit and Berlinger Lausanne Kit containers is to break/cut the cap with the help of an opening tool in two pieces.

Green Security Caps

Green caps are used to reseal the BEREG-Kit for further longterm storage or for its transportation to another laboratory. They are available for laboraties only.

Secure Berlinger Solution