Berlinger Special AG

Flying high over Appenzell

/ Berlinger Group

This year's two-day company outing took us through spell-binding deciduous forest, past enigmatic pools of water and high above a sea of mist.


Partnership with iNADO

/ Berlinger Special AG

We are pleased to announce a three-year partnership with iNADO (Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations).

150 years Berlinger celebration

/ Berlinger Special AG

After the WADA / ADO Symposium in Lausanne, several iNADO / WADA members travelled with us to Ganterschwil to celebrate our 150th year anniversary.

new void

New Void

/ Berlinger Special AG

We are very pleased to inform you that the void for the Partial Samples has a new look.


New ecofriendly ice heating system

/ Berlinger Group

We are constantly striving to provide innovative and future-proof solutions through our products. We have remained true to this philosophy with the construction of our new office and production…