iNADO Symposium on 30 and 31 October 2017 in Ganterschwil

| Berlinger Special AG Berlinger Group

On 30 and 31 October 2017, Berlinger Special AG welcomed over 85 elite athletes, heads of international anti-doping organisations and anti-doping experts to Ganterschwil.

The symposium was organised by iNADO, the international umbrella organisation of national anti-doping organisations. The programme covered a broad range of topics for discussion, such as the role of former doping transgressors in the fight against doping, and current issues with the anti-doping policy. 

Ideas for improving anti-doping

The 20 elite athletes and NADO representatives from 37 different countries shared many ideas for effectively optimising anti-doping. Please click on this link for an overview of the points that were agreed upon. 

Great honour for Berlinger Special AG

For Berlinger Special AG, it was a great honour to welcome the iNADO family to Ganterschwil. Interested participants were given an insight into the 150-year history of the Berlinger Group, including a tour around the production building.