Sochi 2014: Doping allegations

| Media release Berlinger Special AG

We can confirm that Berlinger & Co AG has been the subject of increased media, customer and public interest since the report in the New York Times of 12 May. In connection with this, we wish to state that:

  • The media interest has focused to date on an article published in the New York Times on Thursday 12 May. There has been no further information so far on the allegations made in the article against the anti-doping laboratory in Sochi, Russia.

  • The BEREG-KIT security bottles used for anti-doping tests meet the highest current international security standards.

  • The BEREG-KIT security bottles are constantly subjected to rigorous security checks by an independent external organization, which examines them in the finest detail and which continues to certificate them as “tamper-evident”.

  • The BEREG-KIT is used all over the world. Its users include anti-doping agencies, the organizers of sports events (such as the Olympic Games), national and international sports federations and independent doping-testing entities.

  • The BEREG-KIT is engineered to meet the requirements and incorporate the latest findings of various globally-practised anti-doping procedures. The product’s features are also geared to and fully comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI).

  • The security bottles used in today’s BEREG-KIT are the result of 20 years of experience in developing and producing security bottles for anti-doping processes and procedures. These products are a vital and reliable component in maintaining the integrity of doping tests worldwide.

  • According to the latest media reports of 18 May, the New York public prosecutor’s office in the USA has now also become involved in the above case. Berlinger & Co AG welcomes all endeavours to further investigate these allegations. Berlinger & Co AG is unable to provide any further details of the BEREG-KIT and its security bottles, in the interests of ensuring the continued security of anti-doping tests.