McLaren/WADA investigation of Sochi 2014 allegations

| Media release Berlinger Special AG

(updated 20 July 2016) Response to the McLaren investigation report published on 18 July 2016 on the doping allegations made with regard to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

  • Berlinger Special AG has taken note of the report on the investigation commissioned by Wada and led by Professor Richard McLaren of Canada.
  • Berlinger Special AG will not be making any statement on any allegations of possible doping abuses by any athletes and/or nations, or on the nature thereof.
  • Berlinger Special AG is only involved in this matter to the extent that it manufactures bottles with the highest possible security credentials for the provision of urine and blood samples and distributes these worldwide.
  • To the statement in the McLaren investigation report that some such bottles proved possible to open Berlinger Special AG cannot offer any authoritative response at the present time.
  • Berlinger Special AG has no knowledge at present of the specifications, the methods or the procedures involved in the tests and experiments conducted by the McLaren Commission.
  • Berlinger Special AG conducts its own regular reappraisals of its doping kits, and also has its products tested and verified by an independent institute that has been duly certificated by the Swiss authorities.
  • In neither its own tests nor any tests conducted by the independent institute in Switzerland has any sealed Berlinger Special AG urine sample bottle proved possible to open.
  • This also applies to the “Sochi 2014” sample bottle model.
  • The specialists at Berlinger Special AG are able at any time to determine whether one of the company’s sample bottles has been tampered with or unlawfully replicated.
  • Berlinger Special AG continues to work on the assumption that its sample bottles meet the highest possible security requirements.
  • Berlinger Special AG will be studying the McLaren investigation report in close detail over the next few days and discussing its content and findings with its in-house specialists.
  • In view of this, Berlinger Special AG will not be making any detailed statement on this report or its content and findings until this extensive in-house analysis has been completed.
  • Berlinger Special AG supports Wada in all its actions and endeavours to ensure clean and fair sporting competition.