Partnership | Testing in Sport

Partnership | Testing in Sport

to support quality testing in sport

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Partnership | Testing in Sport

Standards for the equipment but also education for the procedures of the doping control were always key topics for Berlinger for the purpose of clean and fair sport.

It motivates us to reach these new levels with the International Doping Control Officer Training Program developed by the ITA. As a result of our commitment to the ITA, certification to improve quality is now available globally free of charge for all DCOs. We are proud to be able to make this further significant contribution to support doping-free sport.

"As manufacturers of tamper-evident safety containers, we endorse initiatives like the one to ensure samples are consistently collected to high quality standards around the world. 

We wish the ITA every success in implementing this important initiative and we hope, at this point, that all new ITA-Certified IDCOs will be filled with enthusiasm and passion as they carry out their extremely important work at the initial point of sample collection.” says Andrea Berlinger, Owner and President, Berlinger Group.

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