Berlinger partners with Diagnostics company InsituGen Ltd

Berlinger partners with Diagnostics company InsituGen Ltd

to expand its proven Anti-Doping Equipment portfolio

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Berlinger partners with Diagnostics company InsituGen Ltd

As part of its commitment to supporting clean sports worldwide, Swiss-based Berlinger Special AG, a global market leader in doping control equipment, today announced a strategic partnership with New Zealand company, InsituGen Ltd. InsituGen has developed an innovative assay - FIRSTFLAGXTM, for the detection of anabolic drugs in biological samples from racehorses and in supplements. With this addition, Berlinger is expanding its current doping control equipment portfolio and taking another important step in the fight for clean sports.

The multi-year partnership includes a global distribution agreement to supply InsituGen’s drug testing technology platform to Berlinger’s global customers.

Berlinger Special AG CEO Thomas Bechter says, “This is a unique technology and will be a game-changer in supporting clean sports across the globe. InsituGen has proven their technology can detect new sophisticated, designer anabolic drugs before they are even characterized.”

“We all want to see sports that are fair and authentic. Our partnership with InsituGen recognizes the key role this technology will have in achieving this goal. Alongside our widely used BEREG-Kits for anti-doping, this new technology brings us to the next level in diagnostics,” said Thomas Bechter. “We anticipate strong levels of demand for this technology.”

The current tests are limited to detecting recognized substances. InsituGen’s technology can detect newly designed prohibited performance-enhancing drugs. The initial focus of the Berlinger and InsituGen partnership is to address testing in the equine and camel racing industries.

Dr. Ojas Mahapatra, CEO at InsituGen Ltd, says, “As an early-stage, deep-tech company our commercialization strategy involved collaborating with Berlinger Special AG as a trusted leader in anti-doping. We want to leverage Berlinger’s global distribution network, long-term expertise, and strong relationships in the clean sports community.

With 25 years of experience and over five million BEREG-Kits sold, Berlinger is renowned for their expertise, and commitment to clean sports. Importantly, this partnership allows us to accelerate the delivery of our technology platform to analytical laboratories worldwide.

Over the past 18 months we have successfully completed a number of trials at different equine laboratories around the world and we have also conducted trials to detect the use of prohibited performance-enhancing androgens in the camel racing industry.

In addition to partnering with Berlinger to supply our technology globally, we will be focusing on growing our New Zealand-based R&D team to develop our technical diagnostic roadmap which includes examining the potential to apply the technology in medical and veterinary-based applications.

"Signing this agreement is not only a major milestone for InsituGen. It’s also a significant step towards achieving the goal of clean sport.
InsituGen is very proud to be an ambassador for clean sports alongside their partner Berlinger Special AG," Dr. Ojas Mahapatra.

About InsituGen Ltd
Athletes that use anabolic steroids (e.g., androgens) to increase their muscle mass and aerobic fitness do so at considerable danger to their own health. Such drugs are banned, but novel formulations can circumvent current testing methods. Current methods of drug testing can only detect compounds that have previously been identified and catalogued into a reference library. New unidentified 'designer' steroids can therefore go undetected. Designer androgens are created by underground chemists and are sold directly through black markets or more widely through carefully marketed nutritional supplements. Hundreds of new designer androgens appear every year.
InsituGen Ltd is based out of Dunedin in New Zealand. The company has developed FirstFlagX, a screening assay that measures the anabolic effect caused by all steroids with androgenic activity. Thus, this test can detect these new designer androgens based on their activity rather than their structure. Such technology will enable testing laboratories to remain ahead of the underground chemists and dopers.