Berlinger Insights with Vreni Müller

Berlinger Insights with Vreni Müller


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Berlinger Insights with Vreni Müller

"An honest sporting environment based on solidarity and mutual respect. This is the goal for which countless people around the world are standing up for."

What does Play True Day 2023 mean to you and what influence do you believe Berlinger has on true play?

For me, #PlayTrueDay is a way of paying tribute to all these efforts. Highlighting the importance of every contribution, no matter how small, in every area of the multifaceted nature of anti-doping. On the other hand, it is also a promise to the future to raise more awareness in all fields, to impart knowledge, to create an environment where one can feel safe and for which it is worth renouncing shortcuts. To me, that is truly inspiring!

Consciously making the decision every day to give it your all and realizing that the little you can do, together with everyone else’s pieces of the puzzle, can make a big difference, being a team player and motivating others; every individual can take on this responsibility and thus be a strengthening factor for #OnePlayTrueTeam. This is where I see Berlinger taking its role seriously. For almost 30 years, we have actively supported #CleanSport with a persistent consistency. The integrity of sport and the well-being of every athlete is our top priority. Our strong partnerships have resulted in great projects and advanced innovations that we continuously keep up with the latest technologies. These driving new developments never fail to encourage me to do my part.

With our latest innovation, the new BEREG-Kit Plastic, we continue the success story to #feelsafe.

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