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Interview with Dr. Oliver Gehrig, Head of Sales & Marketing

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Berlinger Insights

We believe in the highest standards. Therefore we are really proud at Berlinger to announce a new project lead for anti doping with the focus on materials and engineering as well as the official partnership for the ITA International Doping Control Officer Training Program.

Are you excited about the new partnership?

New records can only be set with progress. Today’s athletes leave nothing to chance. The champions days are perfectly organized, and todays training, recovery and nutrition is based on data analysis and a precise planning. The world of anti-doping testing must adapt to make the clean sport movement event trustable in the future. Therefore, the ITA education program is a huge step towards new quality standards during the doping control. I am very excited to take place in this great initiative with Berlinger as it fits perfectly into our company’s vision - provide the best equipment for the future of anti-doping.  

What are your next projects?

The lack of testing and the decreased demand for our kits during these times enabled us to put more resources into the development of future products, services and optimization of internal processes. I feel honored to work in such a vital company which gave me the possibility to start off with such projects during a crisis like this. We from Berlinger believe in the highest quality standards and we are proud to grow our team with a new project lead in anti-doping. I will not reveal too much yet, but I can honestly say we hired a real expert in the field of materials and engineering. 

Is there something you like to say to the Anti-Doping Community?

Covid-19 totally changed the perspective of our daily routine. We were pushed into a situation where we had to change our normal behaviors and we really gained a total new perspective on the daily life and our workplace. As an enthusiast in cycling I really missed watching the classic season and the first grand tour. Covid-19 showed our whole anti-doping community what it is all about. It is about sport and especially about the athletes. Therefore, it is essential to have the support from the athletes for our work, our services, our programs and our products in the fight against doping. 

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