Partial Sample Sealing Version Sydney

Partial Sample Sealing Version Sydney

Doping control bottle sealing

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To seal BEREG-Kit in styrofoam box


1 uniquely numbered tamper-evident void tape and 1 white plastic stopper

Technical Data

Tech Facts & Intended Use

Partial Sample Sealing Kit Version Sydney is intended to be used to temporarily store urine samples for the purpose of anti-doping and drugs of abuse testing outside of a medical setting and not on order of a health care professional.

The Partial Sample Version Sydney must only be used for BEREG-KIT Urine Sample Container in a styrofoam box.

This kit is not intended to be used for or in assistance of disease screening or diagnosis. This kit is intended to be used in accordance with the current international standard on testing and investigations established by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) and samples used with this kit should be sent to, processed by, and interpreted by WADA accredited laboratories.

Product Data

Single/Multiple Use :
Partial Sample Sealing


Here you can download the product documentation.

Partial Sample Sealing Version Sydney

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