Q-tag CLm doc

Q-tag CLm doc

Temperature data logger

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In use from –30°C to +60°C


Device success rate of more than 99.978%


WHO PQS prequalified E006/016

Product configurator

Configure your Q-tag CLm doc

Customise your data logger with a different label colour or with your own logo for safe and easy handling and description in your SOP. In the standard delivery you receive the data logger with a yellow label.

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We can either print your logo in monochrome (black) or an article number in the upper right corner.

Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc
Technical Data

Tech Facts

Access, search and compare technical data

Product Data

External Dimensions :
94 x 54 x 20 mm
Display Dimensions :
25 x 19 mm
Weights :
34 g
Storage Conditions :
0°C to +30°C / +32°F to +86°F
Operation Temperatures :
–30°C to +60°C / –22°F to +140°F
Display Visible :
–10°C to +55°C / +14°F to +131°F
Alarm Temperature Ranges :
–25°C to +55°C, in 0.1°C increments / –13°F to +131°F
Accuracy Temperature Measurements :
+/- 0.8°C from –30°C to –10°C | +/- 1.44°F from –22°F to +14°F
+/- 0.5°C from –10°C to +40°C | +/- 0.9°F from +14°F to 104°F
+/- 0.8°C from +40°C to +60°C | +/- 1.44°F from +104°F to +140°F
Alarm Limits :
Up to 5 individually programmable alarm limits
Measurement Intervals :
1 min
Logging Intervals :
Temperature change dependent
Alarm Trigger Times :
1 min to 20 days
Measurement Accuracies :
+/- 30 min / year
Calibrations :
Calibration traceable to ILAC recognised international standard (e.g. SAS, NIST) upon request
Memory Spaces :
1‘500 points
Batteries :
Lithium coin cell battery complies with IATA DGR Packaging Instruction 970-Section II
Protection Classes :
Operating Lifetimes :
Up to 2 years (1 year storage / 1 year useful life). Battery warning: display blinking
Warranties :
2 years from date of delivery (see general Berlinger Terms & Conditions)
Manipulations :
Q-tag CLm doc cannot be manipulated, reset or turned off without destroying it
Format Documents :
PDF / ASCII (it can also be imported by many ERP or data management systems)
Standards :
ROHS compliant
Q-tag CLm doc


Find out more information in our useful manuals and videos. Please contact us if you need further information (e.g. for airline approval).

Q-tag CLm doc
Technical Specification
Q-tag CLm doc
Q-tag CLm doc

Q-tag CLm doc Accessories



Software for Data Management

Berlinger offers a fully integrated temperature monitoring solution based on Berlinger’s Q-tag and Fridge-tag devices in combination with the Berlinger SmartView platform with its different business logic modules, its Application-Programming-Interface (API), to integrate with other systems.

Product benefits

  • Between your Software environment and SmartView
  • Easy and at highest quality standards
Simple and secure

Software for Data Verification

Berlinger offers solutions that increase security or simplify processes. 

Product benefits

  • Secure data
  • Authenticity of generated data
  • Easy to use

As exact as a swiss clockwork!

Exact measurement of temperature and time

Individual alarm programming
Up to 5 alarm temperatures and times can be individually modified to the product and customer requirements, such as the upper and lower limit values in the range of –30°C till +60°C. Tailor-made control!

Date and time display
The Q-tag CLm doc devices irrevocably show the exact point in time and the date of all limit violations. The ability to track alarm events is given at any time and important conclusions on responsibility are visible immediately. Incorruptibly correct!

Exact measurement of temperature and time
The Q-tag CLm doc devices are part of the family of extremely precise electronic temperature monitors. The temperature measurements can be made at minute intervals over the whole monitoring period. Even if an alarm limit was exceeded and the Q-tag CLm doc device has already indicated an alarm, it accumulates each additional temperature limit infringement and shows the total on the display. The precision time measurement is down to a built-in quartz. As exact as a Swiss clockwork!


Efficient and profitable

Displaying the extreme temperature and duration of excess

Displaying the extreme temperature and duration of excess
The extent of any temperature limit infringements is visible at a glance, even if no alarm is issued. This is the result of displaying extreme temperatures and the total duration of the temperature limit infringements. All relevant information is conveniently available at any time. So, the right measures and necessary decisions can be taken quickly and securely. Intelligent decision-making aid!

Data readout without software via USB
As soon as the Q-tag CLm doc device is connected via USB to a PC or Mac, it creates a PDF/A and an ASCII document. Thanks to the electronic signature, the raw data can be verified in compliance with the FDA regulations 21 CFR Part 11. Secure and user-friendly!

Document management and archiving
The ASCII and PDF/A files generated in the device can be sent back to the sender via email. They can organise the quality check, analysis and storage of the files. The data can be converted and read directly into the existing reports, ERP or data management systems. The information is therefore directly and automatically assigned to the relevant shipment and products. Organised to save costs!

Fast decision
The large LCD display of all Q-tag CLm doc devices allows a clear display and easy interpretation of the data. Even before the data is read out. Quick and easy!

The Berlinger Team is here to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. We will be pleased to advise you.

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