Salaam Baalak Trust - charity project

A way out of the slums

Since 2015, we have been supporting the football project run by the Indian charitable organisation Salaam Baalak Trust. The organisation gives children from the slums who perform well at school the opportunity to receive professional football training. Its main objective is to give these talented Salaam Baalak children the chance to put themselves forward as professional footballers or assistant trainers with official football clubs. The organisation seeks to create the basis of this through targeted support from a social, health and educational perspective.

Football training for 80 boys

Around 80 boys attend football training twice a week at two different football pitches. A refuge has been set up in the suburbs of Mumbai for girls, so that they too can attend football training. However, the girls have to walk a very long way to get there. It is of great concern to the Salaam Balaak Trust to ensure the safety of these girls. For this reason, training has unfortunately had to be cancelled. A search is currently underway for a suitable football pitch for the girls, so that training can be offered again to them too. 

Successes in 2018

Two of the older young footballers, Akash Yadav and Sunny Kadam, have been selected for class D training. After successfully completing their training, both of them will be able to work as trainers. What a great success! 

Allow us to briefly introduce these boys: 

Sunny Kadam

Sunny Kadam was born in 1993 and lives with his brothers and sisters and mother on the streets around Grant Road railway station. He left school in year 4, but as a result of the Salaam Balak aid programme, he has managed to return. He successfully completed primary school and now attends the Junior College. Over the years, Sunny has made a name for himself as something of a performer in sports such as judo, football and track and field athletics, and has already won several competitions. He is very motivated, reliable, honest and a team player.

Akash Xadav

Akash Xadav was born in 1999 and lives with his parents and four siblings on the streets of Girgaum Chowpaty. The family sells toys and balloons on the beach. Akash completed his training thanks to Salaam Baalak. He is a strong football player and a talented performer. Like Sunny, he has also won trophies in various competitions. He is a passionate footballer, an honest and committed young man and was also selected for trainer training because of his positive qualities.