Salaam Baalak Trust - charity project

A way out of the slums

What happened so far

Last year, instead of a Christmas present, we began the football project run by the Indian charitable organisation Salaam Baalak Trust (SBT). This gives children from the slums who perform well at school the opportunity to receive professional football training. This helps the children to later integrate into society and can open doors to the professional world of football.

This year, an official contract for the "Football" project was developed in cooperation with our contact person at SBT, Natasha Pathare as well as the project chairman Ms. Zarin Gupta. The contract is valid for the next two years (2017/2018) and includes, in addition to the terms and conditions, a project implementation plan.

2 training grounds rented

After assuring our cooperation and thanks to the support of WIFA (Western India Football Association), long term agreements were entered into with the Goa and Karnataka Football Associations, making a football training ground available to the project in each case.

2 dedicated coaches

With Vincent and Arshad, there were two experienced coaches dedicated to training. Their own trainees are likewise receiving strong support. Akaash (aged 16) and Sanjay (aged 17) are currently training to become football coaches. These boys will later coach some of the children at SBT giving them an opportunity to earn their living.

Required equipment

An important part of this project is, of course, the purchase of a suitable equipment. Without equipment, a football training is possible, but often fails on small things like a broken football.

2 xfootball grounds
25 xfootballs for training
2 xcoaches’ fee
2 xsets of football clothing
60 xfootball studs and stockings
60 xshin pads
Water and snacks during training sessions

Preview 2017

After completing their training, Akaash and Sanjay will receive their D licence from WIFA (India's FIFA). This will entitle them to work as trainers for school teams or as team coaches for their individual districts. New shirts for all children playing football will also be purchased, pictures will follow…