Salaam Baalak Trust - charity project

A way out of the slums

New football shirts for children

We have been supporting the «Salaam Baalak Trust» non-profit organisation since 2015. 

For this football project, 62 children (12 of which are girls between the ages of 8 and 18) are currently enrolled in the four Salaam Baalak Trust centres in Mumbai. The children are supported by a coach and his assistants, who organise the football training on the football pitches.


New Berlinger football shirts in use
The Salaam Baalak Trust is allowed to use a pitch in the south of Mumbai twice a week for the training sessions. In addition, the trust has another training pitch in the suburb of Andheri. 

In order to improve the basic conditions however, good football equipment is also needed. Which young football fan has not dreamt of a shirt with his/her own number?

Thanks to our support, we have been able to implement a target set for 2017 by acquiring various training material. We are very proud of this!

Theoretical training

Until now, the coaches have been able to carry out two theoretical training sessions with the children in the centres. These theoretical sessions not only address the subject of football, but also rules, discipline, dos and don'ts, timetables, as well as the optimum diet for footballers.

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