Core Values

Swiss Quality by Berlinger

Continuous quality control

At Berlinger, we all share equal responsibility for the quality of our products and services. We are also fully committed to total compliance with customer and industry requirements.

The high quality of our products is guaranteed via ongoing improvements in the effectiveness of our quality management system, which is efficiently embedded into our core processes in accordance with a lean philosophy. For this purpose, we also continuously review, develop and optimise all our activities.

Strict guidelines and standards

As a provider of "sensitive components", our hardware and software products must meet strict standards during development, production and testing. Validation processes must be followed and quality controls implemented at all levels.

Knowledge transfer

Continuous quality controls and in-house training ensure a high degree of expertise and efficiency among our employees. Great importance is taken to achieving technological progress when developing new products.

Lean management

One of Berlinger's goals has always been to manufacture high-quality products while working as a motivated, dedicated and efficient team. With the introduction and implementation of a cross-process lean management philosophy in 2013, our pursuit of the highest possible quality and efficiency standards intensified even further.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

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