Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability for our Future

ISO 14001 certified

Our company has always been concerned with the environment and using resources responsibly. Our next step was to use an environmental management system (EMS) to maintain this approach and develop it in a more structured fashion.

In April 2013 our EMS obtained ISO 14001 certification and could therefore be integrated into our existing QM system. Berlinger has signed a convention with Swico (registration number E000 3250 CH), the organisation that operates the take-back system for discarded electrical and electronic equipment in Switzerland.  The environment already plays an important role in our product development phase, allowing us to take our goal for sustainable production into consideration at an early stage.

Ice heating technology

We are also proud to have constructed the first factory building in Switzerland to use an ice heating system, a development that has brought our goal of achieving the highest possible level of sustainability just that much closer.

  • In winter, heat exchangers and heat pumps extract the heat from the water during the heating period until it is frozen into ice. With the stored energy, our facility can be heated in accordance with the time of year and requirements.
  • In summer, the effectiveness is increased even further, as in summer the coolness provided can be used to cool the building. To this end, the system only needs to be switched from heating to cooling. Heat is drawn from the building and fed back into the ice reservoir. So the ice thaws back into water. If the switch is not made to cooling mode, the ice will be melted by the energy in the solar collector.

You, too, can act for example by helping to recycle used temperature monitoring devices and packaging material in accordance with your local regulations.