Vision, Mission and Strategy

Berlinger - feel safe

We are the leading partner globally for secure, simple and lasting doping control and temperature monitoring solutions with Swiss quality.

Fair and sustainable

With our customer we act as a reliable and fair partner. Our aim is to impress with our service and to create relations with the unmistakable “Berlinger style”. We act ethically and in a socially responsible manner, taking environmental issues into account

Results-focused and responsible

We promote the performance and development of our employees through a professional personnel and cooperative management style. We employ qualified and motivated people who think and act in a resourceful way and focus on results. Their concerns are taken into account wherever possible.

Delivering high quality and innovation

Our extensive range takes into account both affordable and premium products. Quality is always our number one priority. Product ranges are constantly and systematically updated, taking inspiration from technical innovation and customers’ requirements.

Capable and far-sighted

We pursue ambitious goals of growth and ensure our company’s development path through appropriate profit-making targets.

We invest daily in values, people and sustainability. Or to put it more precisely: in our future.