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In 2014 Berlinger & Co. AG acquired Antaris Solutions B.V., a provider of online cold chain management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Antaris Solutions has been active in the industry since 2009 and was founded as a management buy-out from Ambient Systems B.V., a manufacturer of specialised monitoring equipment in The Netherlands. 

Berlinger SmartView
With web-based SmartView application, Antaris Solutions established itself in the market as a provider of innovative solutions for cold chain data management. Today, Berlinger SmartView is fully validated and one of the world's most advanced data management systems for shipment monitoring and facility monitoring. The data can be collected from a variety of sources, including Fridge-tag 2 L, Fridge-tag 3Q-tag CLm doc devices or SmartLine devices and advanced GPS/GPRS sensors. With the application of user-defined alarm rules, Berlinger SmartView enables a pro-active intervention. Real-time alerting messages can be sent via e-mail or SMS to authorized persons to empower them to respond immediately to these exceptional excursion situations. 

Antaris Solutions B.V. is responsible for the development of Berlinger SmartView. More information about Berlinger SmartView here

Antaris Solutions B.V. based in Amersfoort, NL
Thanks to the merger of Berlinger & Co. AG and Antaris Solutions B.V., combined solutions for hardware and software can be offered from a single source. Antaris Solution B.V. is located in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and Berlinger & Co. AG in Ganterschwil, Switzerland. 

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