Carbon footprint reduction


In line with our environmental objectives, we would like to inform you on Berlinger’s two new successfully implemented measures.

Less packaging waste
For many years, Berlinger has been using a cell battery in its temperature monitoring devices. This environmentally friendly battery contains less than <1 g of Lithium and is free of harmful substances. No special labelling or additional packaging is required for air freight transportation. This results in less packaging waste and generates no extra paperwork as Berlinger’s devices are compliant with the latest IATA DGR regulations. In conclusion, our customers and partners contribute to make the world more sustainable!

Were you aware that Berlinger & Co AG is offering a 100%-recycling service? For all temperature monitoring devices sent back to Berlinger Switzerland, a recycling certificate will be provided proving the recycling of all components.

Internal sourcing improvement
Working with our purchasing department and valued suppliers, we have significantly reduced the number of express shipments. Thanks to an optimized stock management and a long-term planning, we have managed to further consolidate shipments from over 70 deliveries to less than 30 deliveries per year. This results in a reduction of more than a 50 %!