New IATA DGR regulations 2017

| Berlinger & Co. AG

Following the new regulations related to Lithium Ion/Metal Batteries, IATA DGR 2017, 58th edition, published in January 2017.

To bring clarity for our clients we created a list and up-dated our “Berlinger transport instructions guide” accordingly.
Please note that no additional declaration is required for the products listed below, as they still fall under the “no dangerous goods” regulation:

  • Q-tag® devices
    (Q-tag® 2plus/ Q-tag® Quad / Q-tag® CLm & CLm doc family)

    Multi-alarm shipping temperature logger
  • Berlinger Mini-tag®
    Multi-alarm shipping and storage temp. indicator
  • Fridge-tag® family
    Storage temperature logger
  • Freeze-tag®
    Monitoring of the freezing point

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Get the full list
To get the detailed product list as well as the updated "berlinger transport instructions guide", please contact our sales team or access the relevant subsection of the IATA website.